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Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems
Kharkiv, March 4-6, 2014


All proceedings
  1. Akhmedov D., Yelubayev S., Abdoldina F., Bopeyev T., Muratov D.
    Efficiency of application the liquid cooling system in a personal hybrid computing system based on graphics processors
  2. Anjomshoa M., Salleh M.
    Overview on Clouds@home: Virtualization Mechanism for Volunteer Computing
  3. Bantikyan H.
    CUDA Based Implementation of 2-D Discrete Haar Wavelet Transformation
  4. Belan V., Belous L., Egupov S., Zobnina V., Ivanov A., Karachevtsev V., Kosevich M., Natsik V., Polyakov V., Rubin Y., Smirnov S., Stepanian S., Torgonin E., Chagovets V.
    Grid Infrastructure of B. Verkin ILTPE NASU and its practical use in scientific research
  5. Belan V., Belous L., Polyakov V., Torgonin E., Huthaifa A.
    Application of heterogeneous computing systems for description of processes in virtual reality systems
  6. Grechanovsky A., Ogar T.
    Molecular dynamics study of irradiation damage in LaPO4 and YbPO4
  7. Khodakovskyy M., Zolot A., Merjvinskyy P.
    Study of pattern identification processes in highly productive human synaptic networks
  8. Komukhaev E., Cherepynets V.
    Supercomputers: review of the new ratings and effective accelerators
  9. Loutsky G., Mukhin V.
    The Adaptive Routing Algorithm Taking Into Account the Trust Level to the Remote Nodes
  10. Maslianko P., Rudenko P.
    Component model of teaching system with open test form on a basis of grid technologies
  11. Minukhin S.
    Dynamic and static methods of task planning in distributed computing systems
  12. Mukhin V., Kornaga Y.
    Structural Organization of the Router for the Multi-channel Computer Systems
  13. Nallasivam V., Kamalam G.
    An Effective Cluster Score Job Scheduling Algorithm for Grid Computing
  14. Rubio Bonilla D., Glass C. W., Schubert L.
    A Minimum Overhead Operating System Kernel for Better Scalability in HPC
  15. Sharma A., Thakur J.
    An Energy Efficient Network Life Time Enhancement Proposed Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
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