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Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems
Kharkiv, March 4-6, 2014

Conference language is English.

Important Dates

Conference Topics

High performance Architectures and Systems
  • Grid and Cluster Computing
  • Cloud Computing & Architectures
  • Fine-Grain Parallelism and Architectures
  • Network, Cell and Security Processors
  • Scalable Computing
  • Distributed Shared Memory
  • Peer-to-Peer Architectures and Networks
  • High Performance Interconnection Networks
  • High Performance I/O
  • Enterprise and Federated Architectures
  • HPC Monitoring & Instrumentation
  • Energy Efficient HPC Systems
  • Multi-Core Architectures and Support
  • Instruction, Thread and Memory-Level Parallelism
  • Embedded and Application-Specific Architectures
  • GPGPU computing
  • FPGA & Reconfigurable Computing
  • Power Aware Architectures
  • Sensor and Broadband Networks
  • Warehousing and Storage
  • Nature Inspired HPC Architectures
  • Innovative HPC (Autonomic, Affective, Quantum)
  • Architectures for Green Computing
  • MapReduce
  • Modeling, Simulation and Evaluation Techniques
  • Partitioning, Mapping, and Scheduling
  • Load Balancing and Sharing
  • Mutual Exclusion, Deadlock Detection
  • Causality and Time
  • Network Flow and Congestion
  • Message Passing
  • Query Processing and Information Retrieval
  • Reliable Parallel and Distributed Algorithms
  • Routing, Synchronization, Consistency
  • Resource Allocation, Sharing and Management
  • Coordination, Consensus, and Agreement
  • Fault Tolerance, Replication
  • Network and Systems Protocols
  • Data Mining and Searching
  • Security, Authentication, Access Control
  • Learning and Intelligence Algorithms
Software and Middleware in HPC Systems
  • Operating Systems and Compilers
  • Operating Systems Support
  • Name Services and Naming
  • Interprocess Communication
  • Transaction and Concurrency Control
  • Brokering Middleware
  • Enterprise Based Technologies
  • Benchmarking and Assessment
  • Web Semantics and Ontologies
  • CUDA, Open CL Platforms and Developments
  • Virtualization and Virtual Machines
  • Libraries and Programming Environments
  • File Systems
  • Distributed Objects and Remote Invocation
  • Object Oriented Programming & Design
  • Software Development Tools and Support
  • Markup Languages and their Applications
  • Software Monitoring and Measurement
  • Web 2.0 Infrastructure
Applications Oriented High Performance Track
  • Parallelization of Simulation
  • Internet and Web Computing
  • Federated and Legacy Applications
  • e-Commerce, e-Business, e-Learning
  • Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics Systems
  • Knowledge Based Systems
  • Agent and Multi Agent Based Applications
  • Neural, Fuzzy, and Rough Sets in HPC
  • Large Scale Scientific Computing
  • HPC and Education
  • SaaS, Service Oriented Architectures
  • Large Scale Systems for Computational Sciences (Biological, Chemical, Physical, Bioinformatics, Environmental, Transportation, Agriculture, etc.)
  • Clouds Applications
  • Data Intensive Supercomputing
  • Real-time and embedded Applications
  • Web Services and Applications
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Applications
  • Databases, Repositories and Their Applications
  • Cooperative Information Systems
  • Computer Supported Decision Making
  • Granular Computing and its Applications
  • HPC in Digital Signal and Image Processing
  • e-Sciences
  • Vision, Image Processing, and Pattern Recognition
  • Bioinformatics and Biocomputing
  • Medical Information Systems

Call for Research Papers and Posters

Registration and research paper submission is open!

Prospective authors are invited to submit extended abstracts, full papers or poster presentations on conference topics.

Original papers not being submitted to journals or other conferences will be considered. All submitted papers will be reviewed by the program committee according to their originality, significance, fundamental insights, potential long-term contribution, correctness, presentation and relevance. We encourage authors to present their work on practical studies and experiments, critique of existing works, emerging issues, and novel ideas under development. Abstracts, full papers and poster presentations must be submitted electronically after registration as a conference participant. All of the authors of each presented paper must be registered as participants of the conference for the paper to be included in the proceedings.

Your submission must satisfy the following limitations:

including all figures, tables, and references.

We only consider papers formatted according to the proceedings guidelines:

Incorrectly formatted papers will be excluded from the reviewing process!

Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings. Proceedings will be issued on CD and will be given to participants during registration.

Call for Workshops / Birds-of-Feather (BoFs)

Workshops are interactive courses focusing on key topics of HPC, Clouds and storage systems.

We invite like-minded PDCS attendees get together to discuss selected HPC topics in an informal atmosphere. Each BoF session has its own topic and is led by one or more persons. PDCS is an ideal marketplace to reach your special audience!

Call for Industrial Section

During conference the industrial exhibition will be held presenting software and hardware products ready for industrial and commercial use.

Each exhibition place will be equipped with one table, 1-2 chairs and 220V electric power supply with standard Euro-socket. Also it would be possible to stick a poster and/or make multimedia presentation. Exhibitors must bring their own computer and office equipment needed for the demonstration.

For authors of accepted papers an exhibition place is available free of charge. For private companies and vendors we have special exhibition package. Please contact us for more details.

In order to participate the exhibition please send exibition request as follows:

Call for Sponsors

Oranizing committee kindly invites hardware vendors, software companies, integratiors to became a sponsor of the conference. We expect appoximately 150 Ukrainian and foreign researchers to take part. With high number and diversity of events during the conference, PDCS is an excellent forum for establishing and enhancing partnerships between academia and industry.

Sponsorship opportunities include:

Please contact organizing committee to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

See PDCS'13 Summary Report,
HPC-UA'13 Summary Report

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