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Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems
Kharkiv, March 13-14, 2013


All Proceedings
  1. Agalarov M.
    Management of task access restrictions in multiprocessor system
  2. Al-Sadek A., Yassin A.
    The effectiveness of organism selection in filling metabolic pathway hole problem
  3. Avdeeva T., Illicheva L.
    Estimation of the best approach of Chebushev approximation of functions by polinomails
  4. Babiy Y.
    Software system IOSO for remote parametric and optimization poroblem solving on supercomputers
  5. Bantikyan H.
    Speed up Large Integer Multiplication Using Fourier Transforms and CUDA Technology
  6. Belan V., Belous L., Grechnev G., Zarudnev E., Zobnina V., Ivanov A., Karachevtsev M., Kosevich M., Rubin Yu., Slavin V., Smirnov S., Stepanian S., Chagovets V.
    Application of HPC-technologies at B. Verkin ILTPE NAS of Ukraine
  7. Bespalova O.
    Future of multi-gigabit wireless communications
  8. Bogatencov P., Secrieru G., Iluha N.
    Access to the Regional Scientific Computing Infrastructure for Research Community of Moldova
  9. Bogdanov Yu., Bogdanova N., Lukichev V., Orlikovskiy A., Semenihin I., Kholevo A., Chernyavskiy A.
    Mathematical modeling of quantum noise effect on the accuracy of quantum algorithms implementation
  10. Bohaienko V.
    Parallel algorithm for simulation of dynamic consolidation in groundwater environments with layered structure
  11. Bolodurina I., Parfenov D.
    Investigation of methods location and organization distributed access to data cloud storage system of distance learning
  12. Chuprunov A., Sapozhnikov F., Fedorova T., Rebenok E., Zueva L.
    The parallel algorithm of multi-billion atom samples generation for molecular dynamics simulations
  13. Davydenko Y.
    Using GRID-technologies to improve efficiency of computer-aided design of ship hull
  14. Dryuma V.
    Mathematical model of process of the protein synthesis
  15. Dukhno A., Shendryk V., Parfenenko Yu.
    Conceptual model of ManSerIS system
  16. Falfushinsky V., Skarlat H., Tulchinsky V.
    Cloud computing platform in Grid infrastructure
  17. Farenyuk A., Liubun Z., Farenyuk O.
    Construction neuro emulators on a common microcontroller
  18. Farenyuk O., Patsagan T.
    Cluster storage system of Institute for Condensed Matter Physics
  19. Frolova A., Obolenskaya M.
    Reconstruction of gene regulation networks in grid-environment with nordugrid-arc-python API
  20. Gerasimova T.
    Solving systems of differential equations with initial conditions on HPC systems using GPU
  21. Glinskikh V.N., Kontorovich A.E., Epov M.I.
    High Performance Computing on GPU for Electromagnetic Logging
  22. Golovynskyi A., Shmelev V., Malenko A., Aksenov A.
    Development of specialized computing complex for solving fluid dynamics problems "Virtual aerodynamics laboratory" on the basis of SKIT supercomputer
  23. Grechnev G., Logosha A., Baranovskiy A., Legenkaya A.
    Ab initio calculations of electronic structure and physical properties of borides of transition and rare earth metals
  24. Hahanov V.I., Chumachenko S.V., Litvinova E.I., Dahiri F., Dementiev S.
    Intellection Traffic Control on Cloud
  25. Hashemi M., Abeshahmad S.
    An optimal parallel algorithm for finding roots of linear equations system
  26. Kaplunov S., Valies N., Samolysov A.
    The calculation of vortex shedding flowpast of fixed and oscillating bodies
  27. Karpuhin A., Kudriavtsev I., Borisov A., Gritsiv D.
    Using the NS-3 simulator to study chaotic behavior of high-speed networks
  28. Kharin I.
    Ubiquitous computing based on open multi-agent systems: the eSocialGRIDs project
  29. Khimich O., Baranov A., Chistiakova T.
    Some methods of parallelization algorithms for solving systems of linear algebraic equations on hybrid computers with graphics accelerators
  30. Khramov V., Ustimenko V., Bezkorovaynyy V., Sudakov O., Kononov M., Budnik N.
    Monitoring and simulation of disasters in grid
  31. Kolchin A.
    A method for analyzing the behavior of formal models of distributed software systems
  32. Komuhaev E., Cherepynets V.
    Features of new means for SCIT cluster modernization
  33. Krikovluk A., Pepeliaev E.
    Adaptation of schemes for parallelization of real processes to cluster architecture
  34. Lavrischeva E., Stenyashin A.
    Industrial Approach of Application Systems Development and Implementation in the Heterogeneous Environments
  35. Levchuk L.
    Processing LHC data of CMS Experiment in grid infrastructure
  36. Lopatkin R., Ivaschenko V.
    Dissemination of information in a distributed computing network
  37. Minukhin S., Sukhonos M.
    Algorithms for optimization of energy consumption and processors efficiency improvement with frequency and voltage scaling in heterogeneous cluster
  38. Minukhin S., Znakhur S.
    Development of scenarios tree for research and analysis of planning in heterogeneous distributed system
  39. Mukhin V., Kornaga Ya.
    Sensor based database security monitoring tool for distributed computing systems
  40. Nesterenko A.
    Solving nonlinear systems of equations on HPC systems using accelerators
  41. Oliveira J., Capote H., Pagador J., Cuevas J., Margallo F.
    The CAS System Nurse
  42. Paschenko V.
    Parallel method of tabulating of transmission and reflection of orthotropic composite paramagnetic
  43. Plotnikov A.
    On the use of parallel computing for the solver of the NP-complete problem
  44. Polyakov A., Denisov S., Hanggi P.
    Exploring complex quantum systems with a hybrid CPU-GPU computing platform
  45. Prokhorov A., Pakhnina E.
    Agent-based Semantic Grid Service for Resource Management
  46. Rebenok E., Zueva L., Mogilenskih D., Fedorova T.
    Methods and parallel program “FREGAT” for distributing substances in mixed cells of computational meshes
  47. Romanenko T., Vishnevskiy V., Boretskiy A.
    Features of launching grid task with low computing time and big data transfers in a distributed repositories of "Medgrid" VO
  48. Rybakov A.
    Algorithm for creation of random management graphs for analysis of global compiler optimizations
  49. Savchenko M., Chemeris A.
    Asynchronous Analogs of Iterative Methods and Their Efficiency for Parallel Computers
  50. Semenov I., Utkin P., Akhmedyanov I., Menshov I., Pasynkov P.
    Numerical investigation of near-muzzle blast levels for perforated muzzle brake using high performance computing
  51. Semenov I., Utkin P., Akhmedyanov I., Pasynkov P., Popov A.
    Mathematical models and numerical algorithm for the dynamics of gas-droplets flows investigations using high performance computing
  52. Sergeyev A.
    Fast algorithm of identification of conformable chemical compounds
  53. Shmelev V.
    FlowVision CFD code innovation technologies for solving hydro- and gas dynamic problems
  54. Silantieva I., Zueva L., Malyshkin G., Modestov D., Mogilenskih D., Mokshyn S., Orlov V., Yazova E.
    TANDEM Program for Parallel Computing of Coupled Neutron-Physical and Thermal-Hydraulic Characteristics of Reactor Cores
  55. Simonova K., Kudin O., Vereschak O.
    Ways to taxation in a model of a mixed economy
  56. Svistunov S., Pelykh V., Shadura O., Zubatyuk R., Barannik S., Sobolev O.
    Ukrainian IT infrastructure for processing ALICE Experiment data
  57. Tereshchenko V., Bujak I., Fisunenko A.
    An approach to solving complex problems of computational geometry
  58. Tulchinsky V., Iushchenko R.
    Undersampling to accelerate computations
  59. Uvarov R.
    Parallel Computation of the Functions Constructed with R-operations using CUDA
  60. Volokyta A., Vu D.
    Safety monitoring in the cloud service of video conversion
  61. Yershov S., Yakovlev V., Grizun M., Kozyrets D.
    Parallelization in the CFD-solver F when calculating three-dimensional viscous gas in multistage turbomachines
  62. Zagorodny A., Svistunov S., Belous L., Golovynskyi A.
    UA-Grid: Ukrainian National Grid-Program
  63. Zhumatiy S., Nikitenko D.
    Supercomputers and users – management features
  64. Zinchenko A., Kodak S.
    On development of portable distributed computation system middleware
  65. Zolot A.I., Khodakovskyy M.I., Merjvinskyy P.A.
    Study of the interaction of reflex-sensor modules with enzyme subsystems for diagnosis of the human body
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