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High Performance Computing 2013
Kyiv, October 7-11, 2013

Examine the intersection between HPC, Clouds, Grids, eScience, research and development over five days of workshops and lectures.

National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" and V.M. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of NAS of Ukraine are pleased to announce the 3rd International Conference on High Performance Computing (HPC-UA 2013) being held in Kyiv, Ukraine, from Monday, October 7 to Friday, October 11, 2013. This year we will do our best to increase the success of previous HPC-UA conferences and make it the largest HPC event in Ukraine.

See HPC-UA'13 Summary Report.

"I'm happy to be here. This was really great conference. I certainly will come back"

Prof. Dr. Hans Meuer, ISC General Chair


Industrial Section

Program Committee pays great attention to the involvement of enterprises and institutions, representing high technology industries engaged in the development and use of high performance hardware and software solutions.

To this end, on the conference will be organized the industrial section, the purpose of which is to promote the exchange of HPC usage experience for the needs as applied research, and various industries.

The section accepts high quality reports and presentations on the hardware and software, including academic, industrial and commercial packages and systems focused on application of supercomputing and parallel computing technology, and usage of these technologies in various fields of science and technology.

HPC Day – Technology Focused Event, October 10-11

The event is based on the increasing interest of HPC community in modern hardware and software technologies for HPC and GRID. HPC Day brings together users, developers, academics and industry managers. For the previous 7 years more than 2000 people visited the event and we expect not less than 300 people coming this year.

This year the conference will be held under the motto “Integration”. In year 2013 we will tightly integrate two events, previously hold in partnership – HPC-UA & HPC DAY. We hope that for the future these two events will come together as a single more powerful one.

We pay great attention to the involvement of enterprises and institutions, representing industries engaged in the development and active use of high performance computing solutions.

The purpose of the industrial section is to promote the exchange of HPC usage experience for the needs of applied research and various industries and promote modern HPC technologies and products.

More about HPC Day 2013.

Horizon 2020 Brokerage Session

The Brokerage Session aims to provide information about ICT work program in HORIZON 2020 for science and technology education, and bring all stakeholders together (universities, research institutions, civil society organizations, SMEs, public bodies, science centers etc.) to promote partnerships among potential coordinators and partners in a fruitful networking environment.

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Conference hall of NTUU "KPI" building 6, 37 Peremohy ave., Kyiv

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