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Cluster Computing
Lviv, June 3-5, 2013


All Proceedings
  1. Akhmedov D., Yelubayev S., Abdoldina F., Bopeyev T., Muratov D., Povetkin R., Karataev A.
    Personal hybrid computing system. Performance test
  2. Aleshin I., Koryagin V., Sukhoroslov O., Kholodkov K.
    Globus Toolkit Web Interface – application to seismology
  3. Antakova E.
    Creating Correct and Scalable Parallel Applications Using Intel Developer Tools
  4. Arunachalam B., Kalasagar B., Vineeth Simon Arackal, Prahlada R.
    Open Source Portal Framework for Job Submission
  5. Barannik S., Golovynskyi A., Dyomin O., Malenko A., Petrovsky Y.
    On the possibilities of parallel processing in a grid storage of medical images for diagnostic efficiency
  6. Baranovskiy N.
    About preparation of experts in high Performance calculations in the higher school and profile High Schools for needs of the Ministry of Emergency Measures
  7. Bazylevych R., Kuz B., Kutelmakh R.
    Parallel Approaches for Solving Large-scale Travelling Salesman Problem
  8. Belega E.
    Simulation of melting of water hexamer
  9. Belyaeva A.
    Constructing of mass real estate estimate
  10. Bilous M.
    Finite element solver Nadra-3D
  11. Boretskyi O., Savchenko A., Salnikov A., Slusar E., Sudakov O., Cheredarchuk A., Boyko Y.
    Highly reliable hardware and software platform for grid services
  12. Borys T., Alieksieiev N.
    Comparative Analysis of Large Data Sets Parallel Computing Technology MapReduce
  13. Bosak B., Kopta P., Kurowski K., Mamoński M., Piontek T.
    QosCosGrid - New middleware for new communities
  14. Chobal O., Rizak I., Kováč F., Petryshynets I., Sabadosh V., Rizak V.
    Ab initio calculation of dynamic and elastic properties of Sn2P2S6 ferroelectric crystals
  15. Eryemin D., Ponyatov Y., Yagfarova N.
    Use of CUDA parallel computing technology in modeling of solid mineral deposits
  16. Eskin R., Artemieva I.
    Numerical simulation system for parallel computing
  17. Grechanovsky A., Brik A.
    Study of autoradiation damage in zircon by method of molecular dynamics
  18. Gula A., Nefedkina T.
    Adapting SPECFEM3D software, implementing the method of spectral elements to calculate full wave field, to the seismic problems
  19. Iakymchuk R., Trahay F.
    Performance Analysis on Energy Efficient High-Performance Architectures
  20. Ilchenko M., Kostina V., Krivorotenko D., Dubey I.
    The molecular structure of heterocyclic inhibitors of topoisomerase I
  21. Izai D., Alieksieiev N.
    User space and file systems in user space
  22. Kalinichenko Е., Brik А., Radchuk V., Melaschenko А.
    Computer modeling of carbonatefluorapatite structure
  23. Kerimov A., Guliyev R., Davudova R., Abdulzade S., Khalilova J., Rzayeva U.
    Cluster Analysis: Some Theoretical Results and Practical Applications
  24. Kochkarev B.
    About one class polynomial problems with not polynomial certificates
  25. Kondratskiy Y., Lupenko S., Lutskiv A.
    Study of KASUMI cryptographic algorithm on HPC clusters
  26. Kondratyev A., Khachumov V.
    High-performance stream processing on multicore and graphics processors
  27. Kulchytskyy I.
    HORIZON 2020 and development of cooperation between EU and Ukraine in the ICT area
  28. Lebedev A.
    Automatic parallelization on GPU on .NET platform
  29. Matvienko S., Alemasov N., Fomin E.
    Connected cells method with sorting of interactions for vectorized calculations in molecular dynamics
  30. Melekhova A., Tormasov A.
    To migrate or not to migrate: decision based on virtualization patterns
  31. Melnyk A.
    Multiple DAGs Scheduling with Deadline Driven Coordinator in Grid
  32. Minukhin S.
    Energy efficient algorithms for scaling processor speed in supercomputer
  33. Minukhin S.
    Investigation of possibilities of integration and features of software implementation of new scheduling algorithms Maui task scheduler
  34. Mvelase P., Dlamini I., Sithole H., Dlodlo N.
    Towards a Government Public Cloud Model: The Case of South Africa
  35. Myroniv I., Zhikharevich V., Ostapov S.
    Text characters recognition on the basis of rival cellular automata functioning in parallel
  36. Naumenko S., Arifulov R.
    The use of storage area networks and cluster file systems in the center of genomic data processing
  37. Novikov E., Vashchenko G.
    Design of Parallel Algorithm (3,2)-method for Stiff Problems
  38. Panasyuk A., Astrikov D., Kuzmin D.
    Efficient use of computing resources in the processes of the distributed 3D rendering
  39. Petrenko A., Svistunov S., Svirin P.
    Distributed Grid Brokers Architecture Using Web-Services
  40. Plekhanov V.
    The graphene paradigm and quantum information
  41. Povar A., Prudnikov P.
    Distributed high-load computing system Aurora
  42. Prokhorov A., Pakhnina E.
    Multi-agent technology resource management in distributed computing environments
  43. Pydiura N., Karpov P., Blume Y.
    Hardware environment for CSLabGrid: Reaching maximum efficacy of computations in structural biology and bioinformatics
  44. Romanenko T., Vishnevskiy V., Boretskyi O.
    Experience of launches of small grid tasks with high data volumes located in distributed repositories of VO "Medgrid"
  45. Serezgnikova T., Sharf S., Vasev P.
    Parallel computing on "Uran" cluster: development of algorithms and software for restoring blurred images
  46. Shishkin V., Savkov S.
    Use of cluster computing for solving the problem of multidimensional data randomization in risk analysis
  47. Sliusar I., Volzheva M.
    Using grid infrastructure as a distributed fault-tolerant data storage for web services
  48. Sobolev E., Fialko N.
    Modeling of Dynamics of Charge Transfer in Biopolymer with Temperature
  49. Turchina V., Ruzhilo M.
    Analysis of approximation algorithms computations parallelization
  50. Tymofijeva N.
    On the argument of the objective function in problems of clustering and classification
  51. Vereschak M., Nelasa A.
    Internal representation of numbers in a long arithmetic library for GPU
  52. Volzheva M., Kizub L.
    Anonymous web access to digital electrocardiograms in medical GRID-system
  53. Voskoboynik A., Sergeieva T., Okovytyy S., Kovalenko S., Leszczynski J.
    Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and DFT calculation of 6-substituted 3-R-2H-[1,2,4]triazino[2,3-c]quinazolin-2-ones
  54. Yaremchuk S., Morozov A., Kondratovets S., Kryvoruchko R.
    Using parallel computing in the "P-algorithm" method
  55. Zagumennyi I.
    HPC calculations of inhomogeneous fluids using open source computing packages
  56. Zakablukov D., Pikulin S., Chilikov A.
    Distributed password recovery system
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